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Welcome to the World of Diving

Why get certified?

Getting certified to scuba dive teaches you to explore an underwater world confidently and safely. There are many different encounters and enviroments to explore underwater and we want to give you the skillls and information to handle them. You will also be able to present your certification card to any dive shop and rent tanks and gear anywhere in the world. The certification is good for life so long as you maintain your skills.

Expanding your skills and continuing your education opens up more and more of the world for your diving opportunities. Alaska has plenty of amazing cold-water dives, wrecks, and reefs just waiting for you.

To get started you need what's called an Open Water Certification. This certification means that you are capable of diving independently with a buddy to a max depth of 60 feet. You've proven to an instructor that you have all the necessary skills for diving, including putting together your own gear and knowing how each part works, buoyancy control, safe entry and exit methods, and dive planning.

Open water certification = $900

  1. Book work through SSI = $300
    • Register online and please start homework before getting in the water
  2. Confined water dives (pool sessions) = $300
    • Minimum of 5-6 pool sessions
  3. Open water dives= $300
    • 4 dives with an instructor

Classes are student-paced and move as fast as you can pick up the skills presented. If some piece of training presents difficulty, there is no penalty for going slow and you can attend as many pool sessions as needed to get it right.

  • Includes all gear rental
  • Does not include Pool entrance fee, 6$ paid to pool on entry


The minimum age for certification is 10

The minimum age for pool classes is 8


Referral certification = $500

  • Book and pool training with Test The Waters
  • You are certified as a referral diver and have 6 months to dive with another shop somewhere warm and finish your open water training
  • We can direct you to other dive shops wherever you’re vacationing



Drysuit Special = 300$150$: 50% off with any other course

Alaska is cold and we train in drysuits. Since you have already done the required skills for a drysuit certification, add another Open water Dive and earn a specialty certification for half price.

Important note: You can not rent a drysuit outside class without a drysuit certification


Advanced Adventurer Open water certification = 400$

  • 24 dives and five specialties
  • Specialties must include, Night diving, Navigation, and Deep
  • The other 2 are your choice

Stress and Rescue = 400$

  • Minimum 3 pool sessions
  • Minimum 3 open water dives
  • CPR, AED, 1st Aide, O2 administration training
  • Beach Scenario training event

Other specialties

  • Altitude diving

  • Boat diving

  • Deep diving

  • Nitrox diving

  • Full face mask

  • Ice diving

  • Self-reliant

  • Navigation

  • Photo/Video

  • Search and recovery


Upcoming Classes

Stress & Rescue

Cost: $ 400

Diver stress is a major cause of diving accidents, but it can easily be prevented and resolved. Join the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty program and learn how to help yourself and other divers stay safe. Earn this essential specialty certification today!


Cost: $ 250

Underwater navigation is a crucial dive skill, but it does not need to be difficult. Become a better, more confident diver who always knows where they are going. Start the SSI Navigation specialty online today!

Open Water Referral

Cost: $ 500

SSI Open Water Referral Diver As an SSI Referral Diver, you will be able to dive up to 15 feet deep in confined waters with a buddy. Typically as a Referral Diver, you will have completed the Open Water Diver academic and pool/confined water sessions at your local training center and plan to do your open water training dives elsewhere. Become an Open Water Diver by completing the four open water training dives.


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    North Pole, ALASKA
  • Hours: Tues-Fri 12p - 6p
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