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Open Water Diver

This course is the first building block of every diver. This certification means that you are capable of diving independently with a buddy to a maximum depth of 60 feet. You've proven to an instructor that you have all the necessary skills for diving, including putting together your own gear and knowing how each part works, buoyancy control, safe entry and exit methods, and dive planning. An open water diver certification is recognized around the world and is good for life. We do Highly Recommend that you take a refresh course if it's been longer than a year since you got in the water to dive.

This course includes a minimum of 5 pool sessions and 4 open water dives. The class is paced based on your skills and the speed of learning you are comfortable with. If some skill presents difficulty or you just aren't quite comfortable yet, there is no penalty for going slow; attend as many pool sessions as you need to get it right. You will also be required to complete an online homework portion that will let you know what to expect in your pool sessions. There is also an in-person final exam based on the homework to take with an instructor.

The minimum age for open water certification is 10 years old. The minimum age for Pool classes is 8 years old.

If you're not sure you really want to do the whole certification, Check out our Try Scuba class where you can just try things out with minimal commitment.

If you're planning a vacation somewhere warm and want to do your open water certifying dives there but don't want to be doing homework while on holiday, we offer what is called a referral certification


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